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Spencer Montero

written by HolidayTime November 2, 2018
Spencer Montero

Spencer Montero is a travel photographer with a passion for people and their environment. He has spent the last 25 years shooting around the world, getting to meet some of the most amazing people. 

He believes that the key to quality travel photography is to be a traveler first and a photographer second. Tact and good humor is far more important to him than the logo on his camera, and there is always a true connection behind every portrait, be it of a tribal woman in Ethiopia or an eagle hunter in Mongolia.
Where do you find your inspiration? we asked him. “It may be through music or in books that move me. I always listen to local music when I travel to get in the right mood. This inspires me to visualize the images I want to take. The camera is merely a tool which allows me to bring these visions to life”.
Spencer’s work can be found on Instagram @spencer_travel_photographer where he has over 34 000 followers. His work can also be purchased online at

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