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Roberto Pazzi

written by HolidayTime November 3, 2018
Roberto Pazzi

“Photography makes me look at the world like a child.
That reminds me that the simplest things are also the most important ones…” – Roberto Pazzi

Born in Milan (Italy) in 1973, Roberto Pazzi is a self-taught portrait and travel photographer based in Palma (Spain). He is graduated in Engineering and he loves to travel. From an early age, Roberto discovered himself as a backpacker.

In 2013, he started to explore his great love for photography.

After many years working as Sales Manager, in 2015 Roberto decided to quit his job and change his life at all. In the same year, he started up the collaboration with a press agency in Birmingham (UK).

In June 2016 he opened his galleries in Singapore and Palma (Spain). At the end of the same year, he became a contributor of an online gallery.

Roberto has been invited to share his works in many exhibitions around the world, including the Mart Photography Center (Ekaterinburg, Russia, May 2017), The Brick Lane Gallery (London, UK, June 2017), the International Festival of Mediterranean Photography (Trapani, Italy, September 2017), the Qlick Gallery (Amsterdam, Holland, December 2017), the central museum of Chelyabinsk (Russia, May 2018), PhotoKina (Cologne, Germany, September 2018) and Poppy Ball 18 (Riyadh Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, November 2018).

In 2018 Roberto started to adventure with a travel agency as photo guide to meet remote cultures and tribes around the world that are fading away.

At present, National Geographic, GEO Magazine, Daily Mail, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, Civilization, Life Force Magazine, Shot! Magazine,,, L’Eco di Bergamo, INDEX.HR, Photography Masterclass, Inter Photo Magazine, GSP Magazine, Capture Mania Magazine and other media worldwide published articles surrounding Roberto and his works.

He currently has published six books titled “Ethiopia: Cradle of Civilization”, “People”, “Cambodia: Land of Gods”, “Namasté”, “The Timeless Valley” and “Streets of the World“.

Roberto’s work can be found on Instagram @roberto_pazzi_photography where he has over 18 000 followers. His work can also be purchased online at

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