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Navtej Singh

written by HolidayTime November 7, 2018
Navtej Singh

“I steal a moment from time and immortalize it forever” – Navtej Singh

Each subject from eclectic framework inscribes a subtle message which I trap through my lenses. Based out of Delhi, I strive to bring out the soul in each subject, no matter how non-living it is.
India has been magnanimous enough to let me in all her divergent ornamentation. She has never ceased to surprise me of her glories and mystifications.
Capturing people in their lifetime humbles me. It is an unexplainable experience that makes me insatiable.
If it isn’t photography, I wouldn’t know what else I would do, it is the only synonym to my soul.

Navtej’s work can be found on Instagram @nattysingh where he has over 8 000 followers. His work can also be purchased online at

Amita Ambwani

Amita Ambwani ideated the concept of India In Frames.

She has curated the photographs, subjects, and content.  Amita is the author of the photo essays and picture narratives.

She currently lives in New York and owns India in Frames LLC

Amita Ambwani - Holiday Time Travel

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